Lightning Launcher Donate v2.3.1f
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Lightning Launcher : the fastest ever launcher for Android !

The purpose of this application is to boost your phone's performances.

* This is an extremely light and fast application launcher, yet stylish, fully customizable and easy to use. It is designed to replace your standard home screen (the desktop).
This is an application with no compromise: Lightning Launcher (LL for short) drops rarely used features and focuses on useful ones, with a bit of eye candy. LL does a few things, but does them well. LL won't ask you for a bunch of permissions, and has no Internet access, only CALL_PHONE is needed if you want "Direct dial" shortcuts.

* Lightning Launcher has been designed from the ground up for maximum performances. As a consequence it consumes very little memory and processor, leaving valuable resources for your applications instead. More memory and CPU for your applications directly means snappier phone and possibly longer battery life too. The package is very small too: just under 150k, with translations in English, French and Japanese !

* Lightning Launcher is mostly for older or not too powerful devices, where memory is a precious resource. LL will not have a the same benefit on phones with large amount of memory and CPU, however it will work just as great on them too !!!

What's in this version:
Fix for the color dialog on small screens.
Made the wallpaper option available for all.
No bug fix in this version, will be in 2.4 soon instead.
show status bar when menu key hit
performance improvement in text handling

Unlocked advanced features, such as wallpapers, bookmarks, direct dial, shortcuts to playlist, map links, and more.

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