Play a real violin on the go!

Violinist offers over two octaves of real and professionally played violin notes. Touch the strings in different places to play different notes, just like a real violin. Refer to the note names, or turn them off for a more authentic experience.

Play up to 4 notes at a time
Your left hand holds the "violin" and presses the strings
A right-hand finger slides back and forth as the "bow"
Accurate note positions match real violins (1st position fingering)
- Note names can be turned on, off, or faded
Play along with your own iPod music
High Quality Stereo sound (best with headphones, great with speakers)

Perfect for violin novices, students, or experts!

To start making music quickly:
1. Set your device's volume to a desired level.
(make sure the Silence switch is off for iPhones)
2. Rest your device on the palm of your left hand, curling your fingers over onto the screen.
(careful not to drop it!)
3. Adjust the Note Name slider, anywhere from fully on to totally off.
4. With your left-hand fingers, touch the strings in the regions that correspond to the notes you want to play.
5. With a right-hand finger, slide back and forth across the bottom of the screen (you will see the bow moving when you do this).
6. You will hear the notes that you are pressing.
7. Keep sliding the "bow" and select different notes to make music!
(Tip: keep the same note held down while sliding to have it repeat on the next "bowing")

Just like that, you're playing the violin!

* * * iPod touch Owners: * * *
Make sure to set Sound Effects to either "Headphones" or "Both" in Settings > General > Sounds > Sound Effects to hear your marimba, and be sure to wear headphones or connect your iPod to speakers.

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