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    Hey Paul how are you doing man?
    Haven`t been here for some time.

    WTF is wrong with manchester united man, its the coward moyes who destroyed everything.
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    Hi, Paul how are you?
    So, I see you've stopped watching Walking dead....the last two episodes are actually much better than the rest. I don't say much about what happened in case you change your mind and will give it another shot. It ended the first half of the season and it will re-start the other half in Feb. next year.
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    Hi Paul, how are you man ?
    Clear some space on your pms please, i need to send you something.
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    scooby doo 2: monsters unleashed & Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins (there both live action films wikipwdia them if unsure)
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    u got the 2nd scooby doo film and the mystery begins tv special thanks
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    Its good to be back still not having much time to visit here as before though... how is it going?
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    Lol, yeah. Its about a time to move on, am looking forward to the next season. No more govner!!!

    Cool avatar, btw
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    What an ending, the walking dead. I didn't like it at all, so disappointing after good shows through the season... Well, let's see what will happen next season.
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    Hey this site looks awesome!!!
    anyways haha, madrid will beat you guys easily at ot, united had all the players in the starting eleven still they were defending, but yeah van persie got some golden chances and de gea was at his best, but still I don`t see united winning that match,..
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