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  1. hi
    i came back again
    Do you remember me?
    i miss you
  2. yeah!! he became better!!!
    i think we can beat barca and after that beat shalke
  3. Yeah well done to Real, i watched extra time. Good win and will give them confidence for the champions semi-final.

    Ronaldo looks better in RED though.
  4. hi paul!!!
    did u watch match??? real vs barca??
    it was so good, at last real beat barca after 3years.......
    and in wendsday we must play again........oh my god!!!! 4 match for 4weeks!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. so good

  6. Well, i do have facebook, but i dont use it.
  7. i'm good
    look at ur avatar's picture......shay mon u
    paul do u have facebook??
  8. No i dont, who are you

    We were robbed, AGAIN at stamford bridge.

    Hows are you?
  9. hi paul!!
    do u remember me?!
    and i'm sorry about match!!
    chelsea beat man united
  10. hi
    where are u?? and how's you?
    congratulations manchester is above chelsea
    i'm not lucky
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