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  1. Thank you BluSky.

    Happy New Year to you too, all the best in 2014
  2. No problem.
  3. Hello Paul Thankyou for sticky my last topic.

    Can you sticky my topic thread below, plz

    Request Android Apps here

  4. Hello Paul, how are you?

    Can you sticky my topic thread, plz

    Android Emulators roms
  5. Hi there Paul how are you?

    4Shared Mobile v0.00 2

    Same version as mine below

    4shared Mobile version
  6. I understand and you are right.

    Many members do add mirror/s in android threads without members asking for mirror/s

    I'm just saying we all do it and there was never an issue...

  7. No it was just a genuine saying. Not aimed at you personally.

    The point is no one asked for a mirror, and the latest version was already posted in the thread.

    Java game is completely different to an android game/app, android get updated regularly,and or for all androids, a java game is different screens for mobiles.
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