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  1. Hey bud, you're most welcome and i thank you too!
    Be well...
  2. Thanks you. And you too.. Merry xmas
  3. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !
    Happy Holidays !

  4. Have just done
  5. Hi Paul, how are you man ?
    Clear some space on your pms please, i need to send you something.
  6. The only thing i dont understand is a server, people pay monthly for the own host, when there is a number of sites offering free forums.
    Bloggers get away with it, all these companies do is ask the host sites to take the links down.

    Ok mate dont work to hard, Take care
  7. Yes bro, you are right.
    I know it should not be wrong.
    It's just that on some Sites, the Policies and Rules are a bit strict than on others.

    But, i am with you on that one, sharing is a big difference than owning the item.
    So, as long as it's sharing it,..there should not be any copyright issue.
    Although, to some Sites there is.

    Anyway...let me know when you create it,...i will surely Register, and Log In as much as i can.

    Have a good evening bro,...i have to Log Out you see, bounds us "heavily".

    Take Care my friend Paul.
    See you later...
  8. Yeah ill write it site section With a please read thread, just basically means your not responsible and links are stored on hosting sites and not on the site.

    This would be the message, ive seen it on blogs and a movie download forum a mate runs which i was a mod on for a while..

    Please note that all links provided on this site are taken from third party websites and blogs. We are not responsible for the quality or copyright issues that pertain to the downloads as we do not store any files on the server and not responsibility for any illegal usage of the content. If you found anything wrong please contact us.

    I know when i first come across forumotion i read about they can get you in trouble if anything illegal, but on micros it doesnt really say anything about it, am not saying its right, but all we would be doing is sharing links.

    The movies i upload on here is that right or wrong? am just sharing

    Also gets you members
  9. Alright bro,...yes whenever you can...i am the Admin and i am not there online all day long. I understand we all have other things to attend to, so don't worry about it.

    Also, by saying "Disclaimer"...what exactly do you mean ?
    You mean that you will write down a Message mentioning that those do not belong to you, here is just the links and nothing you mean that ?

    And, in the Site where i created my Forum,..i am almost certain it doesn't let that to happen. They follow the French law,...and they are pretty strict.
  10. Ill try an log in when time, just that am mostly on here and few other sites but do check your site now an again

    Well the forum on what micro created cant remember what its called, it doesnt say anything about illegal, what ill do is create a normal gaming etc forum with a vip section where all download links go games,music,movies... ill put a DISCLAIMER message saying that all links on this website dont belong to me arent uploaded by me so i am not responsible,all ill be doing and others is sharing hosting sites links, that way i cant see how you can get in trouble, all this happens around the internet blogs sites, people sharing stuff. And plus the vip will be hidden so guests cant see it, i dunno ill look it up more after xmas and see what ill do then.
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